A Chat With Emmet Cahill

Pre –pandemic there were plenty of cultural opportunities to be seen throughout The Villages Entertainment. Whether it be the Savannah Center stage for an Irish Ballad, an Opera musical at The Sharon L. Morse P.A.C., or Latin music at the Town Square for Cinco de Mayo Celebration, there was plenty to choose from before the world turned upside down, forcing curtains to close for a bit.

Now that Entertainment is back in full swing the opportunity to bring back cultural entertainment is more abundant than ever and many are excited to get back to the stage!

Among these performers is Emmet Cahill, a highly trained vocalist and skilled musician. He has a baritone voice and is a principal singer with Irish vocal group Celtic Thunder.

Cahill remains a part of the famous group, with their Youtube channel, “Thunder Tube”, receiving millions of views and over a quarter million subscribers. Within recent years he began carving his way out as a talented solo artist, and been very successful in doing so.

Born in Mullingar in County Westmeath, Cahill took up music from an early age. He started piano lessons when he was just five years old and began voice training at the age of seven. In an interview with Cahill, he spoke on how family was a huge inspiration in his love for music.  

“My dad was a piano teacher, my mom a singer so there was always music in the house. We had a family quartet and would travel all across ireland performing as children and through our teen years. My parents remain my greatest inspiration in music, and in life in general. They were a wonderful example for me and encouraged me to work hard at my talents.”

His hard work as a child led him to receive several awards including a scholarship to the high school in Mullingar. While there, he took the opportunity to study various instruments and continue with vocal training and went on to get a degree in Music Performance from the Royal Irish Academy of Music.

Although the classical music he studied remains in the roots of his foundation, in an interview with Irish Music Daily, he explains that he enjoys many other genres as well:

“In terms of modern music, I really enjoy folk and country music, but then again you can’t beat a bit of swing and jazz!”

A fun fact about Cahill is that he is also a massive sports fan! He is grateful to have had the chance to perform at top Irish venues singing the Irish National Anthem at rugby games in Aviva Stadium in Dublin and at Croke Park, a Gaelic games stadium in Dublin to nearly 90,000 spectators!

Having been to The Villages to perform in the past, Cahill explains a bit about why performing here is so different than other venues he has performed at,

“ My last performance was in spring 2020 and we had a wonderful time. We had a packed house and everyone sang along with their favorite Irish songs. There is such an affection for Irish music because so many people have the same heritage as myself. The legacy of Irish tenors in America has been ever present in the audiences life so they always make me feel so welcome. My fans from celtic thunder always come to the shows and get everyone excited about the music.”

Don’t miss the opportunity to see this talented artist perform at the Savannah Center on April 24th at 7pm. Selling out at New York’s Carnegie Hall, he is sure to turn heads here in The Villages with his impressive vocals and Irish classics.

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