Our Shows in History


At Victory Productions, we recognize that inherent emotions rise to the surface when experiencing various forms of entertainment. Not only are the shows we present built on stellar, quality performance, but we also don’t shy away from the immense historical context in which many shows indulge. 

Artistic works often run the gambit of the performance spectrum, from those that scratch the surface of emotions to others who explore the depths of feeling. And beneath the surface, at times, even more context inspires these artistic works. 

At Victory Productions, we strive to present art that invokes past memories, filled with notable moments and cultural movements. The shows lined up this fall are a testament to that dedication:

Here are three examples:

One of the most significant historical movements, the Tupperware Party, is still alive and well. But did you know that Tupperware was unsuccessful when it was first introduced? 

Tupperware was first introduced in the 1940s, but no amount of advertising or store displays could entice customers to buy this everyday kitchen convenience. 

Tupperware could not sell itself, literally!

 It wasn’t until the early 1950s that the original hostess of the Tupperware party, Brownie Wise, came onto the scene. Brownie was convinced that the best way to sell this product was by demonstrating its function and necessity to modern women. Hence, The Tupperware Party was born. Not only were these gatherings a perfect way to introduce and sell the product, but they became social events that spread across the US. These gatherings were so successful that all products were removed from store shelves, and Tupperware became available exclusively through these parties.  

Today, Tupperware is still a household name. Although the party aspect cooled down over the past few decades, along came Dixie Longate. The entire experience has had a renaissance and has the attention of a new generation thanks to Dixie’s Tupperware Party. Today, Dixie is the #1 personal seller of Tupperware in the US and Canada.  

If you haven’t ever attended a Tupperware party, or if you need to replenish your supply, don’t miss Dixie’s Tupperware Party returning to the Savannah Center on November 3. Filled with hilarious tales, heartfelt accounts, and a little empowerment and homespun wisdom, Dixie leaves your heart a little bigger and your food a little fresher.

Another show we have lined up celebrating historical movements is Hotter Than July: Stevie Wonder Tribute Band

Did you know Stevie Wonder’s Album Hotter Than July is dedicated to Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.? Or that the song “Happy Birthday,” featured on the album, was written as a campaign to establish a national holiday of remembrance in honor of Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.? Even the album sleeve cover of Hotter Than July serves this purpose. On one side of the sleeve is a photograph of Martin Luther King Jr, with a dedication written by Stevie Wonder of Reverend King’s bravery and efforts toward change and the importance of honoring his memory.

It read:

“It is believed that for a man to lay down his life for the love of others is the supreme sacrifice. Jesus Christ, by his own example, showed us that there is no greater love. For nearly two thousand years now, we have been striving to have the strength to follow that example. Martin Luther King was a man who had that strength. He showed us, non-violently, a better way of life, a way of mutual respect, helping us to avoid much bitter confrontations and inevitable bloodshed. We still have a long road to travel until we reach the world that was his dream. We in the United States must not forget either his supreme sacrifice or that dream.

I, and a growing number of people, believe that it is time for our country to adopt legislation that will make January 15, Martin Luther King’s birthday, a national holiday, both in recognition of what he achieved and as a reminder of the distance which still has to be traveled.

Join me in the observance of January 15, 1981, as a national holiday.”

~Stevland Morris, aka Stevie Wonder

Celebrate this momentous victory and join us for Hotter Than July: The Stevie Wonder Tribute Band on November 20 at The Savannah Center.  

Almost every one of this generation knows about Simon & Garfunkel’s Concert in the Park. And how could you not? It was one of the biggest concerts in music history.

After almost more than a decade removed from Simon & Garfunkel’s successful run atop the music charts and their subsequent breakup, the duo reunited for what would become one of the most famous concerts of all time. The pair reunited for a night of music on the Great Lawn in New York City’s Central Park. The event occurred on September 19, 1981, and attendance was estimated to have reached upward of half a million people. A broadcast of the event on the burgeoning cable movie channel HBO and an accompanying double album contributed to this night of music going down in the annals of music history. 

What most don’t know, however, is that there was one song broadcast on HBO that was cut from the album release. A newly written but unreleased song (later to appear on Simon’s “Hearts and Bones” album), “The Late Great Johnny Ace” was set to be debuted at the show. During the performance, an audience member ran onto the stage shouting at Simon, “I need to talk to you!” The man was carried off by security without incident, but Simon, obviously startled, finished the song. The incident provoked associations with the song lyrics, in which Simon speaks as a first-person narrator concerning the deaths of Johnny Ace, John F. Kennedy, and John Lennon. Lennon’s murder had occurred only 9 months earlier, not far from the concert site. For Simon, a friend of Lennon and a native New Yorker, the experience was surprising but not entirely concerning. Said Simon, “He’s messed up the song. It’s hard enough for people to grasp a new song. My reaction was not, at the time, one of fear. I think he was stoned. He wasn’t threatening, although it might’ve looked that way.”

“On a cold December evening, I was walking through the Christmastide

When a stranger came up and asked me if I’d heard John Lennon had died

And the two of us went to this bar and we stayed to close the place

And every song we played was for the late great Johnny Ace”

Johnny Rogers and Lee Lessack return to The Savannah Center on November 4 with Simon & Garfunkel: Live in Central Park [Revisited]. And while you might not be hearing “The Late Great Johnny Ace,” you’ll be sure to experience the rest of the setlist presented just as it was on that historic night in New York City 40 years ago.

We couldn’t be more interested in these sorts of small historical details. You might even say that we are nerds for entertainment history. We believe these historical tidbits, found when diving deeper into the account of these cultural moments, lend great gravitas to these performances. 

After all, entertainment is current. It is alive. Even when it is history.

If you’re at any of these upcoming shows, or any Victory Productions show at The Savannah Center, please come say hello.  And, please, if you have them, share some of your historical entertainment anecdotes with us. 

We hope to see you there!

Keep Calm and Candy on

Knock knock…
Who’s there?
Phillip who?
Phillip my bag with Halloween candy please!

Start stocking up for The Villages Entertainment 2022 Candy Drive!

We are collecting candy for the Hometown Halloween Trunk N Treat so ghouls and goblins ages 12 years old and under can have a safe and fun environment to trick or treat this year in Brownwood Paddock Square.

How do programmers like their candy corn? Byte-sized!

We will be collecting candy September 19th through October 21st. You can visit us at:

When you donate 3 bags of wrapped, unopened candy at October Market Nights, you will be entered in a drawing for a Spooky Basket including free drinks from our Town Square Bar Huts, front row tickets to Haunted Illusions at Savannah Center and more sweet surprises!

Where do ghosts get their candy? At the ghost-ery store!

Hometown Halloween will take place at Brownwood Paddock Square for our first ever two-day Halloween celebration, 4pm – 9pm with acts like The Rundown Band, Blue Stone Circle, Resident Performer Groups, and more!

Two days of fun means double the candy will be needed at this event. We appreciate any donations that can be made. To make sure you are entered into the drawing for a Spooky Basket make sure to attend the Market Nights:

Oct 4th | Spanish Springs
Oct 5th | Lake Sumter Landing
Oct 6th | Brownwood Paddock Square

Oct 18th | Spanish Springs
Oct 19th | Lake Sumter Landing
Oct 20th | Brownwood Paddock Square

Meet Linda Romanello

They say it takes a Village, and that sure is an understatement. Victory Productions is one of the arts outreach organization responsible for bringing some of the exciting and innovative entertainment offerings to The Savannah Center. They are adept at delivering memorable performances and just as skilled at developing a team behind the scenes making it all work seamlessly.

Victory’s mission is to build a team full of the best and brightest: those who exemplify professionalism and those brimming with passion for live entertainment. Simply put, we want to round out our team with individuals who, if they weren’t working a live performance, they’d be sitting front row. After all, we are fans first!

Victory Productions is proud to introduce to The Villages our newest team member, Linda Romanello.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you came to be a theatrical Stage Manager?

I’m from El Paso, Texas, and I started college pursuing a degree in performing arts. I was always involved in choir in Middle School and Theatre in High School, and my goal was to have a career in theater. While studying at the University of Texas at El Paso, I accepted a position in Orlando with the Disney College Program. Leave it to Disney to lead to romance. I met and fell in love with my husband. Quickly after that, we were married and got pregnant. My degree program required students to complete a semester in scene building or working backstage. These tasks, however, weren’t ideal while pregnant. So my Director and Advisor suggested that I take the semester and focus on Stage management, and I truly fell in love with Stage Management. I transferred to UCF, where I entered the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Stage Managing program. Ever since graduation, I’ve been working as a freelance stage manager.

Since joining Victory Productions as a Stage Manager, what shows have you stage managed at The Savannah Center? 

Forever Plaid: Plaid Tidings in December of 2020, Guys and Dolls in the fall of 2021, and Always…Patsy Cline earlier this year.  

From Stage Managing, and for about a year now, youve been working as part of Victorys backstage management team. What are some of the most significant differences between working backstage on theatrical performances versus concert performances?

On the theatrical team, I’m part of the process of bringing a show from concept to fruition. On the concert side, because I’m not part of creating the show, I am just part of managing and facilitating the day of the show. I’m also sort of a spectator. I’m often seeing the show for the first time. It’s exhilarating to be backstage and have a front-row seat to these performances. It’s also fascinating learning how shows are booked, how they’re promoted, and how they’re marketed.  

What is the most surprising thing youve learned about the concert side of the entertainment business?

The delicate nature of the relationships. Victory Productions often welcomes return performers and shows built on solid foundational relationships. With Theatricals, the actors, directors, and stage management have a strong respect and relationship needed for collaboration. With concerts, I was shocked at how similar of a bond. Returning acts know us and trust Victory and The Villages with their products. 

What has been your favorite show youve worked on at The Savannah Center since you began in this new position?

One Night in Memphis has been my favorite show so far. It makes sense that it would be my favorite because, at its core, it’s a theatrical production married with a concert. 

What new shows are you most excited about coming to the Savannah center? 

Tonights the Night: The Tribute to Rod Stewart (October 11th) and In the Air Tonight: Celebrating the Music of Phil Collins & Genesis (October 22nd) because I’m confident those will become Villages’ fan-favorites. I’m also very excited about Constantine Maroulis Performing the Hits of Journey & Foreigner (October 26th) because I grew up with American Idol. I fondly remember watching him during his season on the show. I’m excited to see where his journey has brought him and that The Villages residents will get to see him live on stage. 

We have some of Villages Fan Favorites returning, as well. Absolute Queen, The Rocketman Show, and Almost ABBA. Can you tell us about your experiences working those shows during previous visits to the Savannah Center?

Absolute Queen (October 19th) is always so fun! They are full-out, the show has so much heart, and it’s unbelievably authentic when they perform. Almost ABBA (October 20th) is pure nostalgia. They have the looks and movements down, and it’s so much fun with the other staff backstage. They are dancing along with them backstage, mirroring all the moves. And they share stories of the songs, invoking memories of people and places that transport them back to the days of disco. And, The Rocketman Show (October 25th) is a giant sing-along. Residents know every word to every song, and the energy in the Savannah Center is tangible. 

Is there anything youd like to add?

It warms my heart to sit in the audience, watching the residents, and see how much joy and excitement entertainment brings to The Villages—feeling the energy and seeing the smiles. I think that makes me feel we are doing something important. 

Something’s Coming

“Something’s coming, something good…”

These lines from the musical West Side Story are a great preface to the upcoming Savannah Center show.

With iconic lyrics and sweeping melodies from songs like Tonight and I Feel Pretty to songs with exciting dances and a Latin beat like Mambo and The Rumble, this Romeo and Juliet retelling has been a staple in the musical theatre circles since its stage debut in the 50s. After experiencing a release of the movie last year, Village Resident Group leaders Alex Santoriello of Pro-Am Performing Arts and Joan Knapton of KC Productions are thrilled to team up and unveil their very own production of West Side Story.

Joan Knapton, leader of KC Productions, shared her enthusiasm for the upcoming show. “The music is gripping and enchanting and along with the dance, this show is a classic. I was so fortunate to get it from the house in New York in order to produce it here in The Villages.”

Throughout the rehearsal process, members of KC Productions and Pro-am Performing Arts have been putting in the work to make this classic their own. “Our cast loves the challenge this magnificent show brings. They are so proud of themselves and they are surprised that they can do so much more than they ever thought they could.”

Kicking off rehearsals with a workshop in June, Joan credits choreographer Diane Vargas for her efforts in leading a workshop where performers could build on their dance skill. “That workshop set the stage for the real stuff.” With so much choreography and a tight knit group, the cast was bound to share a few laughs. When asked about the intensity of the choreography, Joan said, “With the leaps and jumps you can imagine once in a while someone falls on their behind and that is a hoot.”

One of the larger group numbers, Mambo, or the dance at the gym, is a selection of the cast’s favorite moments. “Sassy, fast, and a challenge,” we can expect to feel the friction between the Sharks and the Jets introducing some great tension on the stage!

KC Productions and Pro-Am Performing Arts have paired up and are offering 10% off when you purchase the bundle for West Side Story this Fall and Man of La Mancha in Spring. Right now, Man of La Mancha is only available through the bundle—so make sure not to miss out!

Check out a Villages Box Office Location near you or get your tickets online here.

West Side Story will be at Savannah Center October 29, 30, and 31st at 3pm and 7pm. Come see this delightful cast and keep up with upcoming information on Man of La Mancha coming this March!

Creepin’ It Real With Special Events


Black paint, fake cobwebs, and spooky foam signs. These are just a few of the items you’ll see when you enter the warehouse where The Villages Entertainment Special Events crew is hard at work prepping for this year’s Hometown Halloween. Featuring a newly designed haunted house, Brian Mullany, Special Events Assistant Manager, discussed the initial concept creation that inspired their set design.

“The haunted house contains the dreams and nightmares of a widow who just watched her son leave for a war he would never return from. Once you step inside, you will enter her memories and dreams and watch as they are turned to her nightmares.”


The backdrop to every Special Event wouldn’t exist without a team of designers and builders. Special Events Designer, Melanie Davidson, said that discussions on this year’s Halloween design began as early as the day after Halloween last year!

This year, Special Events is excited to reveal new facades to their haunted house. Created with lightweight foam, the haunted house has been designed to emulate a creaky old house. “[It] gives you that spooky, eerie feeling you want to feel going into a haunted house.”


Special Events Coordinator and Specialist, Stan and Cody, think people would be surprised to know how much of the material is recycled from previous events. “We repurpose everything we can.” While this requires taking the time (and having the patience) to deconstruct old sets, it’s a comfort to know that at the end of the day, those resources will be reborn as a new piece of art for Villagers to enjoy. “We’re bringing new life to old memories”.

A great example of this comes with the Halloween sets they are currently constructing. While there are spider webs and creepy crawlers to be imagined on one side of the facades, the flip side of each set is already getting primed for their Christmas events this winter!

Anyone wanting a sneak peak of what’s to come for Halloween will want to visit The Villages Entertainment tent during Heritage Festival at Brownwood Paddock Square on September 30 or Spanish Springs Town Square on October 7. Here, Special Events team members will be displaying some of the set along with sharing information on brand new carnival games, this year’s new maze, and the upcoming rock wall that will be brought in for Halloween.

With “scaracters” and haunting decorations, this year’s Hometown Halloween is sure to be a treat for those with a passion for anything spooky.


Starting soon, The Villages Entertainment will begin the collection of unopened bags of wrapped candies for their annual candy drive. This candy drive supplies the Trunk or Treat event at Hometown Halloween. Last year, The Villages Entertainment collected twenty-seven 18-gallon totes stuffed with candy. Hometown Halloween will be a two day event, meaning the demand for donations is higher than ever! While excited for the two day event, Special Events Manager, Chalsi Cox, expressed the need to spread the word. “We need more candy!”

Donations will begin September 19th and end October 21st with collection bins located at Regional Recreation Centers, Box Office locations, and at The Villages Entertainment tent at upcoming Market Nights.


With so many new and exciting activities, Special Events is calling all volunteers for future events. They’re looking for scare actors (or “scaracters) and monitors for the haunted house, ticket takers, and carnival game attendants. Anyone interested can contact Melanie Davidson at Melanie.Davidson@TheVillages.com

Don’t miss our TWO days of Hometown Halloween this year, October 28 and 29 at Brownwood Paddock Square featuring The Rundown Band, Blue Stone Circle, Trunk or Treat, The Villages Resident Lifestyle Performance Groups, new games, and our newly designed haunted house. Enter if you dare!

Elvis Has Re-entered The Building

“For I can’t help falling in love with you….”

Few of us could help falling in love with Elvis Aaron Presley, the “King of Rock and Roll.” His crooning voice and swiveling hips captured the imagination of a generation. The new Baz Luhrmann film, Elvis,” explores the life of this music icon, from his childhood through his meteoritic rise to fame in the 1950s to conquering Hollywood throughout the 1960s, to his 3rd act dazzling audiences for almost a decade in Las Vegas. 

Do you remember the first time you fell in love with his music? Did you see the legend in concert? Or maybe you listened to him on the radio or heard his music at a sock hop? 

Did you fall in love with his impact and influence? This cultural phenomena created a new style of music and paved the way for future generations of singers and musicians. 

I fell in love with Elvis through his movies “Blue Hawaii” and “Jailhouse Rock.” As with his charismatic showmanship on stage, Elvis also captured our hearts on the silver screen. 

Now, a new generation is captivated by Elvis mania.  

From his first concert in Florida on May 7, 1955, to filming Follow that Dream in and around Citrus, Levy, and Marion Counties in 1961, Elvis and Florida left a big impression on each other. He even visited the Weeki Wachi Mermaids in July 1961!

What makes a man a legend? Even after his infamous passing on August 16, 1977, the world was not ready for such an icon to leave this world. Even notorious rumors implied he faked his death and is living a peaceful life out of the spotlight. Could he be residing in the Villages? It would be no surprise, given his past history with Florida. 

No matter what you choose to believe is true, the legacy of Elvis continues to live on today. He is so beloved that he has inspired decades of impersonators emulating and recapturing his greatness. With the movie premiere of the latest biopic, “Elvis,” a new generation is being introduced to the King. 

And that legacy returns to Florida again on September 27 at The Savannah Center.  

Elvis Forever featuring Richie Santa captures it all! The VOICE. The CHARISMA. The MUSIC. The LOOK. The EXCITEMENT. The LOVE for the fans. 

For fans new and old, Elvis has reentered the building! 

Let’s All Laugh… Shall We?

It’s true what they say… “laugh, and the world laughs with you.” 

Laughter is contagious. We’ve all experienced it. Have you ever found yourselves laughing, not at a punchline per se, but often we find hilarity in others’ laughter.  

And isn’t it the best feeling?  

Whether you’re guffawing at a sitcom on TV or quietly giggling at a newspaper cartoon, laughing does a body good. Laughter is the most extraordinary form of stress relief, and that’s no joke. It’s always fun to get together with people who also spontaneously laugh. Once the laughter begins, it seems as though everything that happens and is said is funny.

And let’s not kid ourselves. We laugh because it feels great!

So, let’s all get together and laugh.

And, we’ve got you covered. Two first-time performers are coming to The Savannah Center, bringing along the chuckles.

Joe DeVito – July 23rd

 “Joe DeVito from New York ruled the room…9.5 out of 10!”  
~The Montreal Gazette

Joe DeVito started as a journalist and advertising writer, spending a decade in that pursuit. It wasn’t until much later on that Joe gave into his coworker’s demands, taking a swing at performing so he could find fame. Always cracking jokes at the office, his coworkers saw something special in Joe but still joked that he should give his dreams a shot so they could finally get some work done.

Hailing from Long Island, Joe’s dreams were always of showbiz. Despite these dreams, he pursued a college degree and aligned his future with that of a reliable set. A desk job, a regular salary, and security, albeit at the expense of his dreams.  

After a few years of developing his act at comedy clubs in the Northeast, Joe received attention with his debut album, “First Date with Joe DeVito.” Whether taking on relationships, his Italian-American family, or current events, Joe’s comedy thrives with dead-on timing, unexpected twists, and sheer flights of lunacy. This recipe has made him a favorite at clubs and performing arts centers across the USA. At the top venues in New York City, Stage Time Magazine lists Joe in their “Five Comics We Love,” adding that DeVito is “one of the NYC scene’s most promising rising stars.”

From that office cubicle to main stages across America, Joe’s trajectory was quick, a testament to his wonderfully hilarious takes on life, love, family, and relationships. 

DeVito opened with a set that was as fast-paced as it was funny,” says the Long Island Entertainment News, adding, “he seems to have an endless pile of one-liners in his head, all of this 100% with just the right amount of self-deprecation.”  

Since then, he’s appeared on television more than 150 times, including Comedy Central, The Late Late Show (CBS), AXS-tv’s Gotham Comedy Live, Comics Unleashed, E! Network, CNN, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, and more. Joe was also a semi-finalist on Last Comic Standing (NBC). In addition, he’s been a regular panelist on FOX News Channel’s Red Eye, Kennedy, and The Greg Gutfeld Show, discussing current events with a satirical bent.

Eric Dittelman – August 20th

“Once again, Dittelman blew our mind. This man is simply incredible! We’re dumbfounded!”
~Rolling Stone

Eric Dittelman is a native of Westboro, Massachusetts, where he quickly became interested in magic, improv, and all things comedy at a young age. While in college, he honed his skills as he performed on and around campus with various improvisation and sketch comedy troupes. “It wasn’t until college that I switched to mind reading and mentalism. That’s also when I started to dive into stand-up and sketch comedy in addition to improv,” says Eric. It wasn’t until after graduating that he became more interested in combining these skills to create an experience he calls “mystery performance.”

After years of developing this unique approach, Dittelman traveled to Las Vegas to study with some of the world’s top-mind readers while continuing his improv study.  

Fast forward to 2012, when Dittelman blew audiences away as the first-ever mind reader on NBC’s America’s Got Talent, where he was a season 7 Top Ten finalist and judges’ favorite. Howie Mandel was left speechless, telling Dittelman, “You are the REAL deal!

After which, an avalanche of opportunities presented themselves to Eric. First off was an appearance on Ellen, with Degeneres gushing, “Wow! That’s CRAZY! That’s AMAZING!” He has since appeared on Live with Kelly and Ryan (“That’s freaky! I don’t know how you do that!” ~Ryan Seacrest) and Penn and Teller: Fool Us. He has also been featured in Entertainment Weekly and Rolling Stone and was labeled “Best Male Performer” by Campus Activities Magazine. 

Dittelman says, “My main goal is to keep working and providing entertainment for all sorts of audiences across the country. I’m just thrilled I get to do what I love to do for a living and want to share with people.

Joe DeVito brings his hilarity on July 23rd, and Eric Dittelman will blow you away on August 20th at The Savannah Center.

Get your tickets today at:TheVillagesEntertainment.com

Broadway Heroes & Villains

It’s always about the good guys… but it’s arguable that the bad guys have the best tunes.

Resident Lifestyle Group SMASH Productions answers the calling for a Heroes vs. Villains musical showdown to let audiences answer the question while revisiting the characters we all know and love.

The idea for their production this September at Savannah Center, Broadway Heroes & Villains, originally came from a group member.

“This concept came to life when one of our performers was lamenting he would probably never get to perform Hamilton in The Villages, but perhaps we could do some songs.

 “And what about Phantom of the Opera? And Wicked? And Aladdin? Those shows have some great heroes – and villains. Wait a minute – why not do a show featuring Broadway Heroes & Villains? We have the opportunity to grab the audience’s attention to a variety of male and female characters in Broadway shows who were infamous as Villains as well as inspirations as Heroes.”

 This production is sure to keep all on their toes bouncing from beloved character to character- including the less loved, but well deserving, villains pieces as well.

When asked who the audience should expect to see and hear from at these performances group leader Susan Feinberg explains the cast will feature the stars from many recent Villages Productions,

“Our acclaimed cast of Broadway Heroes & Villainsfeatures the stars from many recent Villages Productions including Beauty and the Beast, Grease, Urinetown, Mamma Mia, The Producers, Nunsense, Carousel, 1776, My Fair Lady, Assassins, Evita, Rhapsody in Rhythm, Jesus Christ Superstar and more.”

With several combinations of ensemble pieces, trios, duets, solos and group numbers, one can imagine the hours of time put into this full-scale production. With overwhelming eagerness surrounding the beginning phases of the show, Susan explains some of the hard choices that had to be made.

“When we first started we had a list of over 130 songs we were considering including in the production, representing over 9 hours of material. It took the directors and artists almost 2 months and 8 iterations to distill that down to the 2 hour show set list we will be performing at The Savannah Center. Perhaps some day we’ll create a boxed set of all the fabulous songs!”

Make sure you don’t miss out on your beloved heroes including Maria from The Sound of Music, Jasmine and Aladdin from Aladdin and Shrek from Shrek, as well as unforgettable Broadway villains such as Miss Hannigan from Annie and the showstopper from the Ladies in Wicked!

Stars and Stripes on The Square!

The 4th of July was an event to be seen at Brownwood Paddock Square! With nothing short of twirlers, dancers, drums and a Patriotic Light show to cap off the evening!

Ronnie Dee and the Superstars took the stage at 4pm to kick off the evening of events. While enjoying the variety of Americana throw-back tunes, many wandered through the line-up of All-American vehicles presented by The Villages Classic Automobile Club, Heart of Florida Model A Restorers Club and Tin Lizzies of North Central Florida, all decked out in their Patriotic charm.

It was quite hot out, but that didn’t stop the crowds from spilling into and around the square. Craft beer sponsors, World of Beer, Sunny Pint and Tri-Eagle Sales, kept the samples flowing as people stopped by to taste brews from a variety of brewing companies.

At quarter to 9pm, the projection lightshow commenced with the oohs and ahh’s of the crowd that remained. Certainly a show worth waiting for!

The Villages Entertainment looks forward to presenting many more car-showcasing events like this one in the near future.

Break out those Christmas sweaters and décor because following up this event next weekend is Christmas in July, July 16th at Spanish Springs. Don’t forget to bring a new un-wrapped toy donation for the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office Toy Drive.

Speaking of remembering, we couldn’t forget about the 25th Anniversary Cruise-In! Rescheduled from June to August 20th, what better time to celebrate the historic beginnings of The Villages Car Shows and Cruise-Ins?

We look forward to seeing you at our next Special Event!

A Star-Spangled Savannah Center

Upon first meeting others in The Villages, one of the first commonly asked questions is,

Where are you from?”

Though one might wear a shirt representing their hometown’s football team, drive a vehicle with a different state’s license plate, or debate the use of terms like “rubberband” or “gumband”, we’ve all become a part of The Villages community.

The 4th of July is a time to remember this unity and togetherness, and two groups performing for the holiday are doing just that.

Group leader of The Villages Hometown Band, Hugh Wicks, explains the excitement for their upcoming production of Patriotic Spectacular at the Savannah Center, July 3rd and what their upcoming concert is all about.

“Although our concert has always been an annual event, this year’s concert has been 3 years in the making. We started planning in the Fall of 2019, and are thrilled to finally be able to celebrate together again! The best part about this celebration is the joy and unity we all find in the music.”

This concert will be a combination of bands including The Villages Concert Band, The Villages Hometown Band and The Villages New Horizon band.

Hugh explained all band members were invited to participate in the celebration and this year, they will have just over 100 musicians taking part!

“We love playing together, and this concert in particular brings something special to the audience.”

Group leader of Evolution Dance, Frank Olive, is just as excited for their production of American Pride on June 29th and 30th.

“We have developed several new pieces that compliment some of our past patriotic favorites, giving us a product that we know our audience will thoroughly enjoy.”

Last year, you may have seen this group in their production of Celebrating America. Frank explained a little more in depth the focus of this year’s piece.

“This show will take our audience through a historical journey as a nation. We’ve used an array of great music and wonderful choreography to tell this story. All will enjoy moments of love, tears, joy and respect as we celebrate our men and women that protect our freedom.”

Both productions are sure to be a sparkling success celebrating America through the art of song and dancing. Make sure to get your tickets at the links below, and have a happy holiday!