Broadway Heroes & Villains

It’s always about the good guys… but it’s arguable that the bad guys have the best tunes.

Resident Lifestyle Group SMASH Productions answers the calling for a Heroes vs. Villains musical showdown to let audiences answer the question while revisiting the characters we all know and love.

The idea for their production this September at Savannah Center, Broadway Heroes & Villains, originally came from a group member.

“This concept came to life when one of our performers was lamenting he would probably never get to perform Hamilton in The Villages, but perhaps we could do some songs.

 “And what about Phantom of the Opera? And Wicked? And Aladdin? Those shows have some great heroes – and villains. Wait a minute – why not do a show featuring Broadway Heroes & Villains? We have the opportunity to grab the audience’s attention to a variety of male and female characters in Broadway shows who were infamous as Villains as well as inspirations as Heroes.”

 This production is sure to keep all on their toes bouncing from beloved character to character- including the less loved, but well deserving, villains pieces as well.

When asked who the audience should expect to see and hear from at these performances group leader Susan Feinberg explains the cast will feature the stars from many recent Villages Productions,

“Our acclaimed cast of Broadway Heroes & Villainsfeatures the stars from many recent Villages Productions including Beauty and the Beast, Grease, Urinetown, Mamma Mia, The Producers, Nunsense, Carousel, 1776, My Fair Lady, Assassins, Evita, Rhapsody in Rhythm, Jesus Christ Superstar and more.”

With several combinations of ensemble pieces, trios, duets, solos and group numbers, one can imagine the hours of time put into this full-scale production. With overwhelming eagerness surrounding the beginning phases of the show, Susan explains some of the hard choices that had to be made.

“When we first started we had a list of over 130 songs we were considering including in the production, representing over 9 hours of material. It took the directors and artists almost 2 months and 8 iterations to distill that down to the 2 hour show set list we will be performing at The Savannah Center. Perhaps some day we’ll create a boxed set of all the fabulous songs!”

Make sure you don’t miss out on your beloved heroes including Maria from The Sound of Music, Jasmine and Aladdin from Aladdin and Shrek from Shrek, as well as unforgettable Broadway villains such as Miss Hannigan from Annie and the showstopper from the Ladies in Wicked!