Barely Manilow: Barry Manilow Tribute

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Looks like we made it!

Barely Manilow is the Ultimate Barry Manilow Tribute show!

Celebrate the enduring legacy of one of our most cherished entertainers and the number one adult contemporary artist of all time, Barry Manilow. Barely Manilow stars the amazing Jonathan Elgart, who will blow you away as he takes you back with his incredible portrayal of Manilow.  

Barely Manilow features many of Manilow’s international hits, including “Mandy,” “Could it be Magic,” “American Bandstand,” “I Write the Songs,” “Copacabana,” “It’s a Miracle,” and many more.

With a career spanning over fifty years and still going strong to this day, Barry Manilow is one of our most enduring musical artists, and with Barely Manilow, fans can sing along just like the days at The Copa. 

For nearly 20 years now, THE POLICE EXPERIENCE has traveled with the world, reminding everyone what made the music of The Police so very special and part of the soundtrack of the lives of generations of fans.They remain unmatched by any other Police tribute band for their authenticity. 

THE POLICE EXPERIENCE is as close as it gets to the real thing… “Roxanne,” “Walking On The Moon,” “Every Breath You Take, Don’t Stand So Close to Me….” you’ll hear all your favorite Police songs, you’ll get transported back to the 80’s, you’ll experience what it was like to see one of the world’s best bands in their prime.

Legend tells the tale of The Landsharks performing at a Key West, Florida concert when Jimmy Buffett made a surprise visit and asked if he could perform with the band. After performing for the first time with The Landsharks, he liked the band so much that he hired them “on the spot” as the house band for his brand new Margaritaville Café at Universal Studios, Florida, and had them join him at the grand opening. Afterward, Jimmy Buffett proclaimed, “The Landsharks are showmen; they’re fun!” “The funny thing was, The Landsharks knew the songs better than I did.”

In addition to Jimmy Buffett, they have opened up for several prominent artists, including The Beach Boys, Patti Labelle, Three Dog Night, War, and more, always bringing their loyal fans along. They have performed at parties for Bill Gates of Microsoft, Michael Eisner of Walt Disney, filmmaker George Lucas, the prime minister of Canada, and many other notables. 

If you’re looking for fun, there is nothing like a Landsharks concert. And, a Landsharks performance is more than just music… It’s an experience!