GERMÁN LÓPEZ and Antonio Toledo present Canela y Limón

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Germán López shines on the world stage as one of the most brilliant and prolific “timple” virtuosos. The timple is a diminutive guitar, like the ukulele or cavaquinho, native to the Canary Islands — a three hour flight from the capital of Spain.

Germán López touches audiences with instrumental music honoring Canary Island folk traditions, Spanish Flamenco, West African rhythms, Americana, and the flourishing spirit of jazz. López’s innovative 21st century approach to composing and performing” island music” has reached critical acclaim worldwide.

Germán López is joined on stage by acoustic guitar maestro Antonio Toledo, from Cádiz in southwestern Spain, for an unforgettable concert of dexterous music making. The duo released their album “Canela y Limón” in 2016, and the debate has continued ever since: which one of them is “cinnamon,” and which one of them is the “lemon”? Only time will tell — or maybe the audience will!

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