Led Zeppelin: II

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Led Zeppelin really do sound like the hammer of the gods. At first listen it’s the guitar riffs of Jimmy Page that grab you, then the drumming of John Bonham, the the adventurous bass guitar of John Paul Jones, then the honey sweet voice of Robert Plant. And, Led Zeppelin II has it all: drum solos! guitar solos! lemons!

Throughout the decades Zeppelin fans have been unrelenting in their love for the band, catapulting them to the stratosphere where few other bands reside. During the 70s – no other band or artist came close to selling as many albums as Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin were the people’s band and Led Zeppelin II was their call to arms.

Experience this iconic album played in full during the first half of the show, note for note, cut for cut, by some of the world’s best musicians. The second half of the show journey’s deeper into the endless greatest hits found on Led Zeppelin’s complete discography.

Song List:
Whole Lotta Love
What Is And What Should Never Be
The Lemon Song
Thank You
Living Loving Maid (She’s Just a Woman)
Ramble On
Moby Dick
Bring It On Home