Pilobolus Presents the 50th Anniversary Celebration

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Pilobolus is an internationally renowned dance company. For 50 years, we have tested the limits of human physicality, exploring the power of connected bodies. We perform internationally for 300,000+ people each year – and create custom performances, digital content, movement experiments, and live events. You’ve seen them at the Oscars, the VMAs, and the Olympics, and they’ve collaborated with OK Go, the NFL, Hyundai, RadioLab, Penn & Teller, and more. Honors include a TED Fellowship, a Grammy® Nomination, a Primetime Emmy® Award, and several Cannes Lion Awards.

For this 50th anniversary celebration, Pilobolus questions its own “givens,” turns its traditions sideways, and brings its past into the future – in a thoroughly engaging new way. As fresh and vibrant as ever, Pilobolus –that feisty arts organism– puts the “Oh!” in BIG FIVE-OH!, and continues to morph its way thrillingly into audiences’ hearts and minds. The celebration includes the vintage classic, Untitled, the high-voltage Megawatt, signature shadow works, and a few concepts that have never been seen before!