The Honeymooners from New York to The Villages

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Those Honeymooners? Really? Yes!!! Ralph, Alice, Ed and Trixie …along with their neighbors in Bensonhurst. Updated and brought into the modern age—almost. Imagine your favorite Brooklyn Characters acclimating to The Villages.

Ralph and Ed find themselves invited to a golf tournament and Raccoon Convention! Where? In the Villages, Florida of course. You can imagine how that works out!
And Away to the Villages We Go! Is it smooth sailing? Of course not. The Villa sleeps 4 but only 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom located far away from the rest of the Raccoons. And then there’s Golf, Sleepwalking, Community Watch, Roundabouts, Line Dancing, Swimming, Mah Jongg, and more Villages Activities.

The Honeymooners from New York to The Villages is an Original Play Premiere written by Villagers Tina Shapiro and Carol Azzarone-Onuschak showing how Your Favorite Characters Experience Life in The Villages! This show is a very funny new take on an old favorite with classic lines like Pow! Zoom! To the Moon! Hey Ralphie Boy! And Humina, Humina!  SMASH Productions is thrilled to bring this hysterical play to the Savannah Stage.
These characters are iconic and known around the world. Although Jackie Gleason and Art Carney created the main characters, it’s Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton we’re looking for. And it’s our version of them we’ll find live along with the rest of the talented cast.

The Lead Characters are Gary Chubeck as Ralph Kramden, Bill Krone as Ed Norton, Janet Maloney as Alice Kramden and Tina Shapiro as Trixie Norton. Billie Thatcher plays Mother, Bonnie Williams is Mrs. Manicotti, Bob Petrucelli is Morris Fink, Barbara Byers is Mrs. Stevens and Gary Kress is Mr. Manicotti.

Barry Corlew is the Director and Susan Feinberg is the Producer for SMASH.

The Honeymooners, produced by SMASH Productions, will be performed at the Savannah Center from March 15-17 at 7:00 PM with a matinee on March 16 at 3:00 PM

A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Villages Shrine Club and YOUR Humane Society SPCA.

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