The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain

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The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain has become a global sensation and nothing short of a national treasure in the UK. With a career that spans over 30 years, their rise has been from curiosity to virtuosity, from village hall to Carnegie Hall. Using instruments
bought for loose change The Ukes of GB have performed for the British Royal Family, at the Royal Albert Hall, Sydney Opera House and Glastonbury Festival. On an ongoing “hand-luggage only” world tour, the Ukes provide pure entertainment, dead-pan British humour and irresistible foot-tapping music. They are the masters of the unexpected, whether re-imaging folk songs, twisting classical music favourites, uncovering quirky versions of rock covers, or playing the performers’ own all-original compositions, they always deliver a virtuosic, twanging, awesome obituary of rock-n-roll and melodious light entertainment featuring only the “bonsai guitar’ and a menagerie of voices in a collision of post-punk performance and toe tapping oldies.

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1/23/22 Polish Wieniawski Philharmonic Orchestra (Poland)
1/25/22 Tango Fire (Argentina)
2/01/22 Nobuntu (Zimbabwe)
2/07/22 Vienna Boys Choir (Austria)
3/03/22 German Lopez (Spain)
4/07/22 Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain (Britain)