Tickets WILL NOT be available on site and must be purchased online prior.
$40 each day

General Information

  • Performance Locations are listed next to the performance time: options are the Field House, The Visa Center, or The Arena (The color listed will help you locate the correct area of the Arena) and all are located at Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports

  • Advancing to the next round: 50% of the category will advance to the next round. If you see a category start time and not a specific performance time with one of our teams listed, then the round starts at that time and that is the earliest we would perform when advancing.

  • Suggested that spectators arrive 45-60 minutes prior to performance time! This will give you time to park, scan your tickets (pre-purchased online), walk in, and find a seat before we perform. 

  • MASKS ARE REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES INSIDE THE VENUE! Be sure you have a mask with you for the day. Disney has returned to a mask wearing policy that requires you to wear a mask indoors at all times unless actively eating or drinking. 



9:03AM – Large Varsity High Kick – Field House

8:09PM – Large Varsity Pom – Visa Athletic Center


11:11AM – JV Pom – Arena East (BLUE)

3:30PM – Large Varsity Kick FINALS begins – Field House

4:30PM – Large Varsity Pom Semi-finals begins – Visa Athletic Center

6:15PM – VCMS Junior High Pom – Arena East (BLUE)


12:30PM – Large Varsity Pom FINALS begins – Field House

12:30PM – JV Pom FINALS begins – Arena East (BLUE)

2:00PM – VCMS Junior High Pom FINALS begin – Arena East (BLUE)

3:46PM – VCMS Junior High High Kick FINALS – Arena East (BLUE)

3:58PM – JV High Kick FINALS – Arena East (BLUE)