A Word From The Creator of Classic Albums Live

They say you can never go back home again. Well, in theory, this might be true. However, we’ve all, at one point or another, enjoyed the time-traveling powers that a classic album possesses in our collective memory.  

Music has the power to transport us to a time and place, often marking a monumental occasion in our lives. For me, the power of music is the greatest purveyor of these powers of remembrance and reflection.  

These feelings are shared, too, by Craig Martin, CEO, and Founder of Classic Albums Live.

Fresh off Classic Album’s Live’s successful presentation of shows this past fall, we are back with the next installment in this incredible series at The Savannah Center. And Craig Martin, CEO, and Founder of Classic Albums Live, is here to give us his thoughts on the new lineup of upcoming performances.

Fleetwood Mac – Greatest Hits
Coming: April 27th
“I feel like, after 16 years of Classic Album Live, a greatest hits album, here and there, is merited, and Fleetwood Mac is the perfect band for this. Of course, Rumours will be omnipresent during the show, but this is a wonderful chance for us to delve into some deeper tracks.  

Fleetwood Mac is the most magical band. We’re going to embrace this show with gusto, deliver a note for note brilliance, and then we can all drown in the sea of love together.”

Led Zeppelin – II
Coming: May 13th
“Led Zeppelin really does sound like the hammer of the gods. At first listen, it’s the guitar riffs that grab you, then the drums, then the sweet honey voice of Robert Plant. What’s funny is that after years of listening and dissecting the album – it’s the bass guitar that I’m now drawn to. And Led Zeppelin II has it all: drum solos! Guitar solos! Lemons!”

The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
Coming: June 3rd
“Sgt. Pepper is 55 years old! For many of us, we don’t know a world without it. Pepper was the album that defined The Beatles as being in it for the long game. It was as though everyone suddenly realized that The Beatles were a big part of the fabric of the 20th century.”

We all know the hits off the album – “When I’m Sixty Four,” “A Day in The Life,” and “With a Little Help from My Friends.” But upon continual listening, the deep tracks become more and more compelling. George Harrison’s “Within Without You” was like adding a new spice to your diet. “Being for The Benefit of Mr. Kite!” sounds like you’re taking a trip on a carousel, and “She’s Leaving Home” brought old and young together and prepared them for change.”

The Eagles – Greatest Hits
Coming: June 17th
“The Eagles sold more albums than anyone else, think of that. Picture what 50 million albums stacked up looks like. Wow!

I bought this album on 8 track, then later on vinyl, then I owned it on cassette, then I bought the CD. The voices on this album are complex, with harmonies, lush detail, and unmatched attention to detail. Hearing “Take It To The Limit,” performed live, is a moving experience, “Best of My Love,” makes you look differently at your partner- more appreciatively, and “One of These Nights,” grooves.”

Creedence Clearwater Revival – The Chronicle
Coming: July 13th
“Creedence Clearwater Revival was America’s greatest band. Their music reached out and got an entire continent rocking. Hit after hit, no other band delivers that big of a collection of instantly recognizable, toe-tapping songs”

Founded in 2003 by Martin himself, Classic Albums Live takes the greatest albums and recreates them live on stage – note for note, cut for cut, using the best musicians. “Think of it as a recital,” says Martin, “these albums are historic and stand the test of time.” 

Forgoing costumes and impersonations, Classic Albums Live has found success in concentrating solely on the music. “We don’t dress up or wear any sort of costume. We just stand there and play. All of our energy is put into the music. We want the performance to sound exactly like the album,” says Martin. 

“We created something that endures and connects. These albums are sacred to people. We deliver exactly what we promote – ‘note for note, cut for cut’ accuracy.” 

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