Clown Around With us at Blueberry Festival!

You may have seen the smiling painted faces of a few funny fellow strolling around at many of the past Special Events.

Clown Alley #179 has been attending The Villages Special Events for years to bring smiles to all, and has been established as a group far far longer!

When speaking with Clown Alley #179 Member Annemarie, she was excited to share that the group has been together since 1994!

“It was a group who liked to get together and make others smile.”

More than just making others smile, the group has extended their reach outside of The Villages and into the community in tremendous ways.

“We have visited Nursing Homes and Elementary Schools in the area including Wildwood and The Charter School of course…we also go to Orlando once a year to participate in Kids Beating Cancer” Anne Marie states.

Although this funny business seems all laughter and giggles, they don’t clown around when it comes to joining their group! In order to be a part of Clown Alley you must be a certified clown.

That’s right. No average class clown will do!

Luckily, The Villages Enrichment Academy offers classes twice a year the opportunity to take the clown course. Once passing you can present your certification to the group and visit the Club Listing to call group leader Annemarie Prioriello to join the Resident Lifestyle Group.

When speaking with Annemarie she also mentioned the group’s most recent achievement in receiving the Alley of The Year award from The World Clown Association! They will receive the plack this Monday, April 11th from the District Representative.

When asked what her favorite part is about being a clown Annemarie’s response was none other than those who started the foundation of their group,

“We just love making people smile… young and old!”

This group will be strolling at The Blueberry Festival at Brownwood on April 22nd and is sure to carry balloons along with happiness to all.