Behind The Scenes with DIVAS Leader Sue Schuler

Those of you who went to see Disney’s Beauty and The Beast Production at the Savannah Center may have seen DIVAS group leader Sue Schuler in the production cast as Madame de la Grande Bouche, the wardrobe. This classic tale was brought to life with an outstanding wardrobe attire and brilliant choreography to boot.

“…we had many Villagers bring their grandchildren to see the show. It was so cute to see the kids surrounding Belle in the lobby at the Savannah Center after the show..” states Sue.

Many move to The Villages to continue the passions and hobbies that they love, such as performing in theatrics like this one.

For Sue Schuler, immersing herself in her passion is what moved her here.

“I have lived in The Villages since 2009 and have performed with The Villages Musial Theater, KC Productions, Questar, Broadway Bound Players, The Villages Pops Chorus, and many other variety shows that I have produced”

One of the highlights of living in The Villages is that you can make your thoughts, ideas and dreams a reality. For Sue, upon moving here she noticed that there was just something missing from most theatrical performances and decided to establish her own group to change it.

“When I moved to The Villages I noticed that the ensembles in the musical were being cast with separate dancers and singers. I wanted to form a group to teach singers and dancers to do both at the same time. So, I established DIVAS (Dancing In The Villages And Singing) to help some of the ensembles in different musicals to learn this skill.”

Many of the performers that are in the group will be performing in an upcoming Savannah Center show, Just The Way You Are, as well as Sue and Villages iconic singer and performer Clark Barrios.

“The show will have all of the wonderful music from these two iconic performers (Clark Barrios and Sue Schuler) singing Wind Beneath My Wings, You May be Right, The Rose, Uptown Girl, etc…all the songs you remember from the radio.”

This production will also feature special guests, Dance Synergy group. This dance group was started by Sue six years ago for dancers that may still be working full or part time jobs during the day, but still want the opportunity to participate in a dance program.

“Most of the performing dance groups here have their rehearsals during the day, and it isn’t available to those that are still working. I am still working full time myself, and can sympathize with those that want to participate at night.”

This group has rehearsals Monday nights at Canal Street Recreation Center and focuses primarily on contemporary, modern as well as jazz. Sue wants people to know that the group is always looking for new dancers and if anyone is interested they are welcome to come see if Dance Synergy is a fit.

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When asking Sue what she is most excited about for the upcoming production a combination of the excitement to take the stage once again with performer Clark Barrios and the opportunity to perform here in The Villages. Being the third tribute show that Clark and Sue will do together, this one is a tribute to the music of Bette Midler and Billy Joel.

“I am most excited about getting back on the stage again with Clark, we always have such fun performing together, and we have been waiting a couple years to bring this production to the stage.”

Sue also comments on the availability of the performing arts in The Villages and why she loves performing here.

“The audiences here in The Villages are very receptive. It is also very nice to perform so close to home. I moved here from Metro Detroit… and I did many professional dinner theater shows and wouldn’t get home until almost 1am. We are spoiled to have so many performing venues right here!”

Don’t miss out on the show Just The Way you are at the Savannah Center April 23rd at 7pm.
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