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Over the last year the percentage of our online users have increased significantly. This makes it imperative to better the online interface experience for our patrons. 

This has become the key focus of many of the updates we are starting to make, beginning with the online ticketing process. 

We recognize our Box Office team as our front line when it comes to patron responses, whether it be over the phones, in person at a box office location or through email. Therefore, we want to include you in the feedback process of testing the new updates, as we value your responses and opinions. 

Some of the changes you will notice while testing are the following:
1) Seating Diagram Updates
2) User Preference Filtering Abilities
3) Easy-Referenced Ticket Breakdown
4) Advanced Accommodations Updates

Lazy Mac's Laughs: Online Ticketing Update Feedback Form

Please fill out the form below. After your submission you may click to move on to the next Feedback Form and select the correlating Demo Checkout Process to review the next venue’s online ticketing updates. 

Smartseat Lazy Mac's Laughs Feedback Form
This form will give developers feedback from a patron standpoint on the process of purchasing a ticket online for a show at Lazy Mac's Laughs.
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On a scale of 1 to 5 stars, 1 star meaning difficult to use and 5 stars meaning used with ease, how easy was it to use the Filter Page?
This was the page you selected Number of Tickets, Price Range, and Level.

1 star meaning difficult to use, 5 stars meaning easy to use

1 star = difficult to use | 5 stars = used with ease

1 star = difficult to use | 5 stars = used with ease

Please only provide feedback on the process up until you selected the "Choose My Seats Button". We will ask about other feedback in the next section.

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