Something’s Coming

“Something’s coming, something good…”

These lines from the musical West Side Story are a great preface to the upcoming Savannah Center show.

With iconic lyrics and sweeping melodies from songs like Tonight and I Feel Pretty to songs with exciting dances and a Latin beat like Mambo and The Rumble, this Romeo and Juliet retelling has been a staple in the musical theatre circles since its stage debut in the 50s. After experiencing a release of the movie last year, Village Resident Group leaders Alex Santoriello of Pro-Am Performing Arts and Joan Knapton of KC Productions are thrilled to team up and unveil their very own production of West Side Story.

Joan Knapton, leader of KC Productions, shared her enthusiasm for the upcoming show. “The music is gripping and enchanting and along with the dance, this show is a classic. I was so fortunate to get it from the house in New York in order to produce it here in The Villages.”

Throughout the rehearsal process, members of KC Productions and Pro-am Performing Arts have been putting in the work to make this classic their own. “Our cast loves the challenge this magnificent show brings. They are so proud of themselves and they are surprised that they can do so much more than they ever thought they could.”

Kicking off rehearsals with a workshop in June, Joan credits choreographer Diane Vargas for her efforts in leading a workshop where performers could build on their dance skill. “That workshop set the stage for the real stuff.” With so much choreography and a tight knit group, the cast was bound to share a few laughs. When asked about the intensity of the choreography, Joan said, “With the leaps and jumps you can imagine once in a while someone falls on their behind and that is a hoot.”

One of the larger group numbers, Mambo, or the dance at the gym, is a selection of the cast’s favorite moments. “Sassy, fast, and a challenge,” we can expect to feel the friction between the Sharks and the Jets introducing some great tension on the stage!

KC Productions and Pro-Am Performing Arts have paired up and are offering 10% off when you purchase the bundle for West Side Story this Fall and Man of La Mancha in Spring. Right now, Man of La Mancha is only available through the bundle—so make sure not to miss out!

Check out a Villages Box Office Location near you or get your tickets online here.

West Side Story will be at Savannah Center October 29, 30, and 31st at 3pm and 7pm. Come see this delightful cast and keep up with upcoming information on Man of La Mancha coming this March!