Nathan Wallace with Opening Act Luke Trotta

Nathan Wallace as seen on LMAO and The Lowdown, with Luke Trotta Nathan Wallace comes fully armed with a wide smile and a wealth of material. Nathan interacts with the audience, shares off-the-cuff insights and welcomes everyone into his world with plenty of honest energy

Helen Keaney with Opening Act Aniria Turney

Helen Keaney as seen on Comedy Centreal, HBO, NBC VH-1 & the Home Shopping Network, with Aniria Turney
She did the voice for the spunky female lead on the popular game “Pandemonium,” so geeks everywhere are familiar with her work. Her stand-up appearances include A&E’s “An Evening at the Improv,” Lifetime’s “Girl’s Night Out,” VH-1’s “Stand-up Spotlight,” NBC’s “Friday Night,” and Comedy Central’s “Make Me Laugh.”