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June 2019

Join Alycyn Culbertson, expert gardener with 20 year’s experience in gardening for butterflies, to explore what plants will draw and keep butterflies in to your garden. Participants will receive information on top nectar plants that thrive in our local climate, host plants and their corresponding butterfly species. Presentation will feature extraordinary photos that capture the natural beauty of our own back yards.

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September 2019

Although it’s been half a century since Beatlemania was born, generation after generation of fans continue to keep the Beatles on the top of nearly every musical poll. But how, in just a few years’ time, did four musically untrained teenagers evolve into the most popular rock n’ roll group of all time? In this presentation on the life and times of the Beatles, guests will recall the magic and mystery behind the Beatles’ fame and lasting influence; from all-night shows in Hamburg bars to lunchtime sessions in a converted Liverpool warehouse to landmark performances on England’s Royal Variety Performance and America’s Ed Sullivan Show and learn how their own lives changed thanks to the Beatles’ influence on music, fashion, film, youth… and the world.

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October 2019

Dates vary by performance
The Sharon L Morse Performing Arts Center
Discounted price per show: $34-$42.50 | Obstructed View $17

National Geographic Live is a highly acclaimed speaker series, bringing the world’s best scientists, explorers, authors, photographers, and filmmakers to the stage, creating long-lasting emotional connections with local communities. Growing rapidly through popular demand, the series is currently touring through 60 cities in North America at world class venues from Toronto’s Roy Thomson Hall to Seattle’s Benaroya Hall. Furthering the knowledge and understanding of our world is the core purpose of National Geographic. Premium storytelling and visually stunning photography inspires people to act, enlightens their perspective, and provokes conversation.

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Host of Nat Geo WILD series Wild Nights with Mireya Mayor, Mayor has been hailed as a “female Indiana Jones,” and an inspiration to young women interested in science and exploration. She’ll share stories, images, and film clips of her adventures, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the hardships and danger of life in the field, along with the moments of discovery that make it all worthwhile.

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January 2020

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National Geographic photographer Brian Skerry has spent more than 10,000 hours underwater, often in extreme conditions beneath Arctic ice and in predator-infested waters. Journey with him from the North Atlantic, where harp seals face off with commercial hunters, to the Gulf of St. Lawrence in search of Atlantic blue fin tuna, and to research facilities studying dolphin intelligence. The images he captures while on assignment offer a mesmerizing glimpse of the “soul of the sea.”

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March 2020

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Spinosaurus was nearly lost to science before Nizar Ibrahim, a remarkable young paleontologist, discovered this prehistoric giant. With amazing video and photography, Nizar will tell the story of the Spinosaurus' discovery, loss, and rediscovery, explaining what makes this ancient monster so unique.

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