Savannah Center FAQ's

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Savannah Center opens its’s doors 30 minutes prior to the performance to allow patrons time to purchase or to pick up will call tickets. 

There are two entrances to Savannah Recreation Center. Our patrons are welcome to park in either parking lot free of charge.  

Please give our Remote Box Office a call at (352) 753-3229 to transfer your delivery method from Print at Home to Ticket Wallet. 

Camera, Video & Audio recorders are not permitted unless otherwise stated. There will be an announcement prior to the start of the performance with regards to what is allowed. 

Yes, Standing/Dancing is allowed and is sometimes encouraged by artists. However, we ask that all patrons are mindful of those around them to make sure everyone has the best show-going experience.  

Please double check the text on your ticket under “Row”. If your ticket has one letter (Ex. A,B,C) your seats are located in the Upper Level. If your row is two letters (Ex. AA,BB,CC) your seats are on the floor. Ushers will be on site to help direct you to your seat for any questions you may have.  

Please see House Management upon arrival to help accommodate. 

No outside food or drinks are permitted. Drinks from the bar in the lobby are welcome inside the theater.