Special Events Festival Vendor Guidelines

The Villages® Special Events Vendor Guidelines

The Villages® Spanish Springs Town Square®, Lake Sumter Landing Market Square®, and Brownwood Paddock Square® are the focus of many activities and play an important role in contributing to our friendly, hometown atmosphere. These guidelines are established to ensure the fair, continued, and profitable participation of our valued vendors in The Villages® Vendor Market Nights.

  1. Vendor Space Rental

    1. Rental fee structure:

    2. 10′ X 10′ Space | Single Space | | Space Fee is dependent on the event and vendor type and will be defined in your application

    3. 10’X 20′ Space | Double Space| | Space Fee is dependent on the event and vendor type and will be defined in your application

    4. Payment (or deposit) due date will be listed on your application, but is usually within 14 days of the application and no more than 10 days before the event.

    5. Vendors have the option between 10’x10’ or 10×20’ space, depending on availability. (Larger Spaces may be available for food trucks/trailers depending on availability)

    6. Vendors are not allowed to share booths with other vendors.

  2. Payment and Attendance

    1. At the time of contract signing, payment (or Deposit)is due to lock in your space.

      1. Event packets will be sent via email and/or paper mail.

      2. Packets will not be sent out until contract and payment have been received.

      3. It is the vendor’s responsibility to notify The Villages Entertainment if the event packet has not been received 7 days prior to the event.

      4. If payment (or deposit) and contract are not submitted prior to event, it may result in forfeiture of the vendor’s space.

      5. Payments & deposits are non-refundable.

      6. A vendor must provide a 14-day notice if they are unable to setup for the event

          1. Altought payments and Deposits are non refundable, a payment or deposit may be used for a future event if at least a 14 day notice is given.

      7. A no call/ no show will lead to removal from any and all future events with The Villages Entertainment

      8. The Villages Entertainment make no claims of guarantees with regard to attendance, sales, or exposure.

  1. Set Up and Tear Down

    1. Setup time will be stated in your application and will also be provided in your event packet.

    2. Vendor load in location will be provided in your event packet. Vendors may only enter the Festival area at the designated area stated in event packet.

    3. Vehicles may be used to drop off product and equipment, but may not remain on site during setup. Vehicles must be parked in the approved parking lot.

        1. Vehicles must be out of the square 2 hours before the posted start time of the event. exact times will be provided in your event packet.

        2. If a vendor is late, vendor must carry in all products.

        3. Driving on or through the square during event hours or after Crowd Control has determined it is unsafe is prohibbited.

    4. Tear down may not begin until the event has officially ended.

    5. All merchandise and equipment must be packed before vehicles will be allowed in for load out.

    6. Leaving a space early without permission is strictly prohibited and may result in forfeiture of the vendor’s space and exclusion from future events.

    7. Waiting with vehicles at stop signs, intersections, or just outside the chains is strictly prohibited.

    8. Vendors are required to provide and utilize a WHITE 10’x10’ tent with sides and weights for tent (a minimum of 25 lb per leg).

    9. If your business would like to setup a tent with your logo, please send in tent graphics for approval.

    10. Vendors must stay within the boundaries of their allotted space.

    11. Vendors must provide their own tables, chairs, and lights needed for their booth.

    12. Usage of the chairs on the square is prohibited.

    13. Vendors are not permitted to tie off to any existing structures or landscaping on the squares.

    14. No product storage should take place in any of the landscaped areas. The entire display must be aesthetically pleasing as to reinforce the atmosphere of The Villages.

    15. There is no power provided for any set up. Power for each vendor’s space/display must be a whisper-quiet generator, a marine battery with an inverter system or battery powered lights.

    16. Using any of the power outlets found around the squares is strictly prohibited.

    17. No kerosene, butane, candles, or other flammable products may be used.

    18. No gas cans are to be left in any vendor space.

    19. Vendors shall bag and remove all or their trash.

    20. Leaving trash, boxes, or bags next to or in the existing trash containers in or around the squares is prohibited.

    21. Non-biodegradable items are to be disposed of properly.

    22. Discarding anything into storm sewers is prohibited.

  1. Weather

    1. Weather delays or cancelations are handled on a case by case basis by the manager on site.

    2. Once a vendor is set up, they are required to stay until the end of the event unless released by the on-site manager.

  1. Parking

    1. All vendors must park in the designated parking lot.

        1. Spanish Springs Town Square ® – behind the Rialto Theater

        2. Lake Sumter Landing Market Square ® – behind The Villages ® Entertainment

        3. Brownwood Paddock Square ® – behind Gator’s Dockside, back parking lot

    2.  Parking around the immediate square or in front of any businesses is strictly prohibited.

  2. Vendor Required Documentation

    1. All vendors must have all of the following on file with The Villages Entertainment. Failure to provide up to date copies of the required documentation will result in forfeiture of your space without refund until copies are provided.

      1. A current Florida State Tax ID form

      2. A completed W-9

      3. Proof of Insurance

      4. Certificate Holder/Loss Payee:

              1. Operating Company of The Villages

              2. The Villages Entertainment / Special Events

              3. 3619 Kiessel Road | The Villages, FL  32163

      1. Cottage Food License Certificate (if applicable)

        1. Cottage Food information

        2. Labeling

        3. Allergens

      2. Florida Statutes Section 500.80

      3. Federal Regulations 2017 Food Code

      4. Health Department Permit (if applicable)

      5. Fire Certificate (if applicable)

    1. Florida Business License for Food Vending (if applicable)

    2. Food Handlers Permit (if applicable)

    3. If you have questions on what documents will be required for your specific products please feel free to contact us.

  1. Product

    1. The Villages Entertainment must approve all products being sold.

    2. After approval has been given for a particular product line, vendors are not permitted to alter their merchandise or bring in new merchandise without prior written approval by The Villages Entertainment.

    3. There is no guarantee of exclusivity.

    4. It is recommended, but not required that vendors accept credit cards as a form of payment.

  2. Solicitation

    1. Solicitation on all squares is prohibited.

    2. All sales must be done from your designated space only.

    3. Distributing flyers and advertisements outside of your designated space is not permitted.

  1. Spills

    1. Vendors are responsible for keeping their space clean and tidy. Should a vendor have any kind of spill or breakage, they are to notify the on-site manager immediately.

    2. The vendor is responsible for the cleaning up of the spill or breakage.

    3. Any stains that occur and are left by the vendor will be cleaned by The Villages Entertainment and an appropriate bill will be sent to the vendor that occupied the space for immediate payment.

  1. Dress Code/Conduct

    1. Attire is to be kept clean and neat and shall not be revealing or distracting.

    2. While participating as a vendor within The Villages, you are a representative of the ideals and image of The Villages and your dress and/or conduct should reflect accordingly.

    3. The use of drugs and/or alcohol by a vendor or their workers is strictly prohibited.

    4. The use of vulgar language or disrespectful comments will not be tolerated.

    5. Anyone to be found in violation of these rules of dress code and/or conduct will be addressed accordingly.

    6. All vendors must be respectful to all staff and adhere to direction from staff of The Villages and its various partners. These parties are there to assist you and make sure the event is as safe and efficient as possible.

  1. Termination Without Cause

    1. The Villages Entertainment has the right to terminate any vendor’s right to participate in the events without cause at any time. The Villages Entertainment shall provide written notice should this be exercised. If The Villages Entertainment terminates a vendor’s right to participate in a festival and such termination is not a result of a violation of these guidelines by vendor, vendor may receive a refund of any prepaid monies. If a refund applies, it will be addressed on a case by case basis.

  1. Entire Agreement

    1. As a festival vendor in The Villages®, the vendor has read, understands, and agrees to adhere with the Special Event Vendor Guidelines of The Villages® Entertainment.

    2. The vendor acknowledges that any attempt to violate the guidelines or procedures of the Special events, could lead to the termination of their participation in future events.