4NR2: The Foreigner Tribute Band

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4NR2: The Foreigner Tribute Band brings all the energy and all the great songs of Foreigner to audiences throughout the US and beyond; all the best stuff, done right.
4NR2 skillfully delivers the iconic Foreigner songs from the guitar-and-saxophone laden rock of their early years to the keyboard-centric hits of the mid/late-80’s. Each musician is committed to providing the true sound of the original band, which includes tackling the near-impossible task of imitating one of the most powerful and distinctive vocalists in rock history with uncanny accuracy. The result is an experience that takes listeners back to times they cherish.
All The Hits! From the instantly recognizable Feels Like The First Time and Hot Blooded, to the chart-topping I Wanna Know What Love Is, Foreigner never fails to rock the house!