Rocky and The Rollers Unplugged

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Rocky And The Rollers are best known for their high-energy 50’s-60’s-70’s shows that keep the music flowing and crowds on their feet dancing.  But at their Rocky and The Rollers Unplugged show, they change things up a bit.  The pace is a little more relaxed, the electric instruments are put away for the night, and the acoustic instruments come out.  Rocky And The Rollers takes advantage of the theater setting to present songs that are less about dancing non-stop and more about evoking joyous memories of the music from all genres and styles.  The members of the band use this opportunity to temporarily step out of their usual roles.  You will see them playing instruments they don’t usually play onstage, some of which are even homemade. Joining Rocky and The Rollers on stage for Unplugged this year  will be some of the members of Uncle Bobs Rock Shop and one more very special guest surprise.