Touch & Go: The Ultimate Cars Tribute

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Fans around the nation love Touch & Go: The Ultimate Tribute to The Cars. From many of Cars’ top hits to memorable song lyrics, this iconic band found a way to make its mark in the industry.

Composed of a group of top-notch musicians, Touch & Go: The Ultimate Tribute to The Cars is a band you will surely enjoy. The look, sound, and feel of the iconic New Wave band, The Cars, lives on in Touch & Go’s ever-so precise replication in all of The Cars’ hits. Packing a complete 2-hour set of music spanning the entire Cars catalog, you will be transported back in time to the late 70s and 80s when this band launched their career. With the memorable guitar hooks, the synthesizer-laden hits, and the perfectly matched voice of Ric Ocasek by Touch & Go’s lead vocalist Jeff Clemens, you will have a concert experience that you won’t soon forget!