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Josh Turner’s most treasured childhood holiday memories are of listening to Randy Travis’ “An Old Time  Christmas,” as it was the soundtrack to the holiday season in his Hannah, SC home. When Turner set out  to record his first Christmas album “King Size Manger,” Travis’ country Christmas collection was his guidepost.

Turner didn’t want a Frank Sinatra horn section or a 100-piece orchestra. He planned to create a timeless country Christmas album he could imagine his family’s neighbors listening to in South Carolina. “I just had it ingrained in my mind that you got all this other Christmas music out there in the world, but  when it comes to growing up in the country and the lifestyle that comes with a country upbringing  ‘Randy’s record, that’s it, you know?’” Turner admitted. “I had just kind of tricked myself into thinking  that I need to make volume two.”

Turner’s “King Size Manger” is his dream realized – and then some. “King Size Manger” is a collection of  traditional country versions of classic Christmas songs with some original tunes as well as some Hawaiian, bluegrass and swing sprinkled into the mix. Turner wrote three of the four original songs and  arranged five tracks on the 11-song album.

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