2023 Electric Light Party

Event Information & Pricing

The Electric Light Party is an up and coming event that takes place in Lake Sumter Landing. It features a light party with the band dressed out in Glow wear along with other entertainers as well. This event typically draws 6000 – 10,000 people

The Electric Light Party will be held on Friday, November 10th, 2023 at Lake Sumter Landing from 5 pm to 9 pm.

There will be no Market Vendors for this Event.

Food Vendors will be located in a dedicated food court that is directly adjacent to the square

Event Vendor Fees: 10% of Gross Sales

Deposit: $25 

Upon completion of the event, 10% of the gross sales minus the $25 deposit will be due.

    1. i.e. Gross sales of $1250

      1. $125 – $25= $100 due upon completion of event

Uponbeing accepted to the event you will receive an Invoice for a $25  deposit. This invoice must be paid within 10 business days. If deposit is not made you will be removed from the event and must re apply.

Please refer to our Special Events Vendor Guidelines for a complete list of rules and regulations for our events.

About this Application.

Thank you for your interest in vending with the Villages Entertainment.

Before submitting an application please read our Special Event Vendor Guidelines. These guidelines outline everything that is required from you to participate in our events.

We do receive a high volume of applications for all of our events and can not guarantee a space to everyone who submits an application.

If you’re application is accepted you will receive an invoice for your space which must be paid before you are assigned a space at the event.

Food vendors are selected to best match the event. you may be asked to provide photos of your setup and of your product.

We are also unable to accept any food vendors that would be a direct competition with any of the preexisting restaurants on the square of the event.