Getting Eklectic on The Squares

“What if we put as many amazing talents as we knew into one company?” This was the question lead singer, Krislyn Rojas and her husband, bass-guitarist, Luis asked themselves ten years ago when their band Blonde Ambition was taking off.

Quickly coming up on their company’s tenth anniversary on March 21st, they have grown from 3 bands to 168 musicians, dancers, and dj’s who perform everywhere under the sun. From corporate events to nonprofit galas to The Villages squares, “The sky is kind of the limit for what we provide,” Krislyn says.

New Eklectic Entertainment – Coming Your Way

This month, we’ll see three new bands from Eklectic Entertainment on our squares.

Sound Up, making their debut at Lake Sumter Landing Market Square, is a high energy top 40 band. Krislyn says they have “a dj inspired flow to the night in the way they call shows” and they can’t wait to see them soar.

There has been more demand for great 80s rock cover bands and The Rundown Band delivers. Lead singer, Raphael, has a voice that “reaches into the stratosphere” making this band a hit when they debuted in February. You can expect to party on the squares with them again this month!

You may have seen The Rundown Band when they made their debut in February!

Part of what makes new band Sugar Vibe so special is their “larger than life sound wrapped up in a package of 5 people”. They run like a well-oiled machine and will make their way onto the stage at Spanish Springs Town Square this month.

Eklectic History in The Villages

Eklectic Entertainment’s bands began working with The Villages in the Fall of 2019. When asked “why The Villages”, Krislyn said she would always be an advocate for The Villages Entertainment after the way they took care of them when the performance industry was taking a hit.

“The Villages has been the single most reliable promoter for live entertainment in Florida. I firmly believe The Villages Entertainment single-handedly helped over 100 bands continue to perform.”

Not only did The Villages Entertainment continue to employ performers, but Villagers contributed to the live-music industry as well. “[The Villages] helped make performers feel wanted and their artistry seen.”

Eklectic Entertainment continues to come back to The Villages not only because it’s what they consider their “home base”, but they’ve never experienced crowds like those made up of Villagers. “They are there to greet you, hug you, ask you about family, and they’re there for your successes.”

With everything opening back up, the company continues to get invited to out-of-state gigs but they will always come back “home” to The Villages.

“There’s nothing else really like it anywhere.”

Come see Sound Up make their debut March 18 at Lake Sumter Landing Market Square, The Rundown Band at Brownwood Paddock Square March 16 and at Lake Sumter Landing Market Square March 30, and Sugar Vibe on March 14 at Spanish Springs Town Square.

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Don’t forget to join Krislyn and her band Blonde Ambition at Electric Light Party March 4.