UPDATE: Mobile Ticketing

The Villages Entertainment has a new update – mobile ticketing!

The pandemic opened the floodgates to a plethora of new advancements in the technological world! This nudged businesses to become more advanced in the ways they were communicating information.

The QR code became well known to all, used in restaurants and theaters nationwide. The Villages Entertainment grasped a hold of this advancement for ticketing purposes.

Many may have first used this feature for The Open Air Concert Series 2020, when the beta was first tested by patrons. With great success for both patrons and staff, The Villages Entertainment is proud to announce its latest feature update of a more swift and convenient form of digital ticketing.

QR codes will now be available after patrons purchase a ticket to The Sharon L. Morse Performing Arts Center, the Savannah Center or The Studio Theatre Tierra Del Sol.

What is a QR Code Really?

A QR code is essentially a unique  barcode, like an item at a grocery store would have.

Each individual ticket purchased will have it’s own unique “barcode”. So when buying 4 tickets for a performance, the patron would receive 4 individualized “barcodes” (QR codes) for that performance.

How do I Receive and Present My QR Code?

Shortly after your purchase, an email with confirmation of purchase will be received. This email will also have a QR code that will admit you into your performance.

This is a screenshot of what your mobile ticket would look like

Simply pull up the QR code on your mobile device upon the arrival at your venue and staff will be happy to easily scan your tickets right from your device.

This update will expedite the ticketing process tremendously, and allows consumers to purchase and receive their ticket instantaneously all from the same device!

Please call The Villages Box Office at (352) 753-3229 or visit one of The Villages Box Office Locations for any questions you may have utilizing this new feature.