Beehind the Scenes with The Bee Gees Tribute

Beehind the Scenes

The Bee Gees have been captivating audiences for decades with their unique vocal sound, while remaining current through all the eras of contemporary music.

Tribute band, Stayin’ Alive, has proven the longevity of the Bee Gees music as they are no stranger to the Savannah Center stage! Coming back again and again over the last decade, they continuously sell out seats in the area.

The tribute Bee Gees group dates back to about 2001, with band members Tony Mattina (Barry Gibb- lead vocal and guitar) and Todd Sharman (Robin Gibb- lead and backing vocals). Some years later in 2009, Joe Peeres (guitar) and Mark Arbour (bass guitar) joined in, followed by Joseph Janisse (Maurice Gibb – vocals and keyboard) in 2010 and most recent addition, Murad Gunduz (drums and percussion).

Tony Mattina is from Hamilton, Ontario and claims he is always up for a game of road hockey! Having a history in numerous other tribute bands, he explains why the role of Barry Gibb is so special to him.

“Barry has such a unique and identifiable voice,” Tony states, “and I take great pride that night after night the audience embraces my translation of Barry’s character.”

Attempting to match the vocal style and tone of a singer such as Barry Gibb, Mattina gives credit where credit is due, “Barry is truly one of the greatest vocalists of our time.”

Todd Sharman has become a mainstay in the Toronto music scene for many years. Fronting many tribute acts from Tom Petty to The Tragically Hip, he has also been a part of many original bands.

Todd Sharman explains why The Villages is such a unique venue for the group to perform at,

“The Villages is such a cool community that has the feel of a small town, yet it’s the size of a city!”

A Hit in The Villages

STAYIN’ ALIVE is a versatile group that has played both intimate settings as a six piece band and at monumental venues with immense orchestras!

Sharman states that one of the most memorable things he experienced as a part of the group was meeting and performing with Oscar, Grammy, Emmy and Tony award winning composer, Marvin Hamlisch and the San Diego Symphony.

With a full Bee Gees playlist of hits such as “Night Fever”, “Jive Talkin’”, “How Deep Is Your Love” and “Stayin’ Alive”, all sure to be heard at the February performances, a band favorite is hard to choose.

Sharman explains how his “favorite” song can change performance to performance,

 “I enjoy singing all of them, but the audience reaction can elevate songs so my favorite can change on any given night”.

Sharman looks forward to performing in The Villages soon, and as a message to the Bee Gees patrons out there, Stayin’ Alive cannot wait to take the stage February 25th and 26th and look out to an audience enjoying themselves as well as the music.

Sherman’s message to patrons:
“Get up and dance like no one is watching OR like everyone is watching!!!”

Dig out that old velvet vest and disco pants for a night that is sure to keep the music of The Bee Gees alive!
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