Just The Ticket For You

Summertime brings about an opportunity to fully appreciate a different experience in performing arts in The Villages. Suppose you are new to the community, a seasonal resident extending your time here, have family or friends planning a visit, or just looking for something different to do in the afternoon or evening. In that case, Victory Productions offers just the right ticket for you.

This summer, a delightful surprise is coming to the fabulous Studio Theatre Tierra Del Sol. The Studio is an intimate black box theatre that allows for an up-close-and-personal experience between the performers and the audience. Victory Productions presents four unique shows during their 2022 Summer In Residence series, which runs from May 6 through July 23. 

Route 66 is the first show in the season and will run from May 6 through June 5. The show takes a dollop of Grease, mixes in some Pump Boys and Dinettes, and adds a generous dose of Forever Plaid, giving you the high-octane fun of Route 66! The musical journey takes us from the sounds of 1950s Chicago and travels along the ‘Main Street of America’ to the California coast with the surf music of the 1960s. With this coast-to-coast smash-hit musical revue featuring 34 of the most significant ‘Rock ‘n’ Road’ hits of the 20th century, you will be sure to get your kicks!


Next up is a total departure from any experience you’ve encountered in theatre. Lasting Impressions brings Impressionist masterpieces to life in three dimensions: world-class art meets technology at its finest. You not only look into the paintings of great Masters but look out from them for the first time. Thanks to Holographic 3D technology, you will sit with Renoir’s luncheon guests, dance with Degas’ ballerinas, float over Monet’s water lilies, and soar into Van Gough’s starry night. More than a feast for the eyes, this is a delight for the ears with the masterworks of Debussy, Ravel, and other well-known composers. Lasting Impressions also offers a” Paris Package for Two,” which will transport you to a Paris café at your table for two, a bottle of fine wine, light hors d’oeuvres, and delectable petit fours to finish off your Parisian experience. Lasting Impressions runs from May 9 through July 20. 

A total turnabout comes with Nashville Hurricane when 40 years ago a mysterious acoustic guitarist appeared from nowhere, conquered the music industry, and vanished without a trace . . . until now. Chase Padgett embodies a manager, a mother, a mentor, and the guitar prodigy himself as each one tells their side of the rise, demise, and resurrection of the best guitar player you’ve never heard of . . . the Nashville Hurricane. Those who were fortunate enough to see Chase in 6 Guitars at The Studio or the Savannah Center already know the treat audiences will experience — Chase is one incredible talent! Opening night for Nashville Hurricane is June 10 and runs through July 3. 

Last but certainly not least in the Summer In Residence series is the hysterical  I DO! I DO! This uproarious nostalgic memoir of two soul mates, Michael and Agnes, navigating the perils of life, is set to a tuneful, charming score. Beginning on their wedding day, the story takes the audience through fifty years of marriage, happiness and sorrow, good times and bad, childbirth, parenthood, and the eventual sadness from the now empty nest. This warm, sentimental journey reminds Michael and Agnes that love, the through-line in their life together, is at the forefront of their smiles and tears. And in the end, they face the future together while remembering their past. This story will resonate on some level with all who take this journey. I DO! I DO! opens on July 5 and runs through July 23.

Click here or visit or any Villages Entertainment Box Office for further information on show dates, times, and ticket purchases. 

And, don’t forget to check out details on all the Victory Productions’ live concert events this summer at the Savannah Center.

We hope to see you there!