Let’s All Laugh… Shall We?

It’s true what they say… “laugh, and the world laughs with you.” 

Laughter is contagious. We’ve all experienced it. Have you ever found yourselves laughing, not at a punchline per se, but often we find hilarity in others’ laughter.  

And isn’t it the best feeling?  

Whether you’re guffawing at a sitcom on TV or quietly giggling at a newspaper cartoon, laughing does a body good. Laughter is the most extraordinary form of stress relief, and that’s no joke. It’s always fun to get together with people who also spontaneously laugh. Once the laughter begins, it seems as though everything that happens and is said is funny.

And let’s not kid ourselves. We laugh because it feels great!

So, let’s all get together and laugh.

And, we’ve got you covered. Two first-time performers are coming to The Savannah Center, bringing along the chuckles.

Joe DeVito – July 23rd

 “Joe DeVito from New York ruled the room…9.5 out of 10!”  
~The Montreal Gazette

Joe DeVito started as a journalist and advertising writer, spending a decade in that pursuit. It wasn’t until much later on that Joe gave into his coworker’s demands, taking a swing at performing so he could find fame. Always cracking jokes at the office, his coworkers saw something special in Joe but still joked that he should give his dreams a shot so they could finally get some work done.

Hailing from Long Island, Joe’s dreams were always of showbiz. Despite these dreams, he pursued a college degree and aligned his future with that of a reliable set. A desk job, a regular salary, and security, albeit at the expense of his dreams.  

After a few years of developing his act at comedy clubs in the Northeast, Joe received attention with his debut album, “First Date with Joe DeVito.” Whether taking on relationships, his Italian-American family, or current events, Joe’s comedy thrives with dead-on timing, unexpected twists, and sheer flights of lunacy. This recipe has made him a favorite at clubs and performing arts centers across the USA. At the top venues in New York City, Stage Time Magazine lists Joe in their “Five Comics We Love,” adding that DeVito is “one of the NYC scene’s most promising rising stars.”

From that office cubicle to main stages across America, Joe’s trajectory was quick, a testament to his wonderfully hilarious takes on life, love, family, and relationships. 

DeVito opened with a set that was as fast-paced as it was funny,” says the Long Island Entertainment News, adding, “he seems to have an endless pile of one-liners in his head, all of this 100% with just the right amount of self-deprecation.”  

Since then, he’s appeared on television more than 150 times, including Comedy Central, The Late Late Show (CBS), AXS-tv’s Gotham Comedy Live, Comics Unleashed, E! Network, CNN, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, and more. Joe was also a semi-finalist on Last Comic Standing (NBC). In addition, he’s been a regular panelist on FOX News Channel’s Red Eye, Kennedy, and The Greg Gutfeld Show, discussing current events with a satirical bent.

Eric Dittelman – August 20th

“Once again, Dittelman blew our mind. This man is simply incredible! We’re dumbfounded!”
~Rolling Stone

Eric Dittelman is a native of Westboro, Massachusetts, where he quickly became interested in magic, improv, and all things comedy at a young age. While in college, he honed his skills as he performed on and around campus with various improvisation and sketch comedy troupes. “It wasn’t until college that I switched to mind reading and mentalism. That’s also when I started to dive into stand-up and sketch comedy in addition to improv,” says Eric. It wasn’t until after graduating that he became more interested in combining these skills to create an experience he calls “mystery performance.”

After years of developing this unique approach, Dittelman traveled to Las Vegas to study with some of the world’s top-mind readers while continuing his improv study.  

Fast forward to 2012, when Dittelman blew audiences away as the first-ever mind reader on NBC’s America’s Got Talent, where he was a season 7 Top Ten finalist and judges’ favorite. Howie Mandel was left speechless, telling Dittelman, “You are the REAL deal!

After which, an avalanche of opportunities presented themselves to Eric. First off was an appearance on Ellen, with Degeneres gushing, “Wow! That’s CRAZY! That’s AMAZING!” He has since appeared on Live with Kelly and Ryan (“That’s freaky! I don’t know how you do that!” ~Ryan Seacrest) and Penn and Teller: Fool Us. He has also been featured in Entertainment Weekly and Rolling Stone and was labeled “Best Male Performer” by Campus Activities Magazine. 

Dittelman says, “My main goal is to keep working and providing entertainment for all sorts of audiences across the country. I’m just thrilled I get to do what I love to do for a living and want to share with people.

Joe DeVito brings his hilarity on July 23rd, and Eric Dittelman will blow you away on August 20th at The Savannah Center.

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